Hi. I'm Nastja.

Friendly, warm, enthusiastic, messy human being. Photographer, videographer and life explorer. Currently living in Ljubljana, but dreaming of living in an old, rustic, cozy house in our beautiful region, Karst.

One day I decided to quit my job and start doing the things I love. Now I'm a full time photographer, videographer and web enthusiast. I’m grateful for simple things in life and constantly inspired by people who surround me and people I met during my life journey.

If you like my work you are always welcome to share your crazy ideas. I would love to hear them and help them come to life with a camera in my hand. I'm super open for worldwide collaborations and projects.

You can find more of my work on Are you on Instagram? Just search for @nastjaah or write me an email at: I can’t wait to meet you!